Proposed but unfinished canal-projects in Norway

Lock in Kolstadfoss between lake Setten and lake Mjermen in Haldensvassdraget.
Kjølbergelven by Fredrikstad, side branch to Glomma river.
Canal from Lake Øyeren at Lillestrøm to Oslofjorden at Oslo.
Glomma river upstreams Lake Øieren all the way up to Tolga.
Oppstadelven from Skarnes in Glomma to Storsjøen, without any works beeing done a steamer later used this route.
Canal from Kongsvinger through Vingersjøen and Vrangselven to Sweden
Renaelven from Glomma at Rena to Storsjøen.
Gudbrandsdalslågen between Båtstø in Øyer and Harpefoss in Fron.
Drammensvassdraget between Drammen and Randsfjorden
Hallingdalselven from Lake Krøderen to Nes.
Numedalslågen between Larvik and Landefoss, south of Kongsberg.
Canal between Kilefjorden and Byglandsfjorden in Setesdalsvassdraget
Sirdalselva between Sirdalsvatn and Lundevatn

Some newer plans that are not built so far:
From Årdalsvatn (3 m.a.s.l) by Årdalstangen to the innermost part of Sognefjorden (about 1 km) first plans in about 1950. There is an aluminiumplant at Øvre Årdal and the purpose of the canal would be to use shipping for the export from this plant.
A 1,9 km long boattunnel from Mjoldefjorden to Kjødepollen by Stadlandet at Vestlandet. This is one of the worst passages along the Norwegian west coast. The plans were discussed during the 1990:ies.


Sources: About planned but not built canals: Kanalvæsenets Historie, parts I - VIII, 1883. Jahn Børe Jahnsen wrote the text above.

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