The Scandinavian canals


Suomi - Finland



There are no canals for boats and shipping in Iceland. The Swedish embassy of Iceland has confirmed this.

NB The translation of this site to English, has only just started. It will take a long time to get it all done.
So far all the canals in Denmark and Norway has been translated to English. The Finnish canals outside the three big lakesystems have been translated and in Sweden the canals in Norrland and a few others have been translated.

The only aim of this site is to give a historic overview of the canals in the Nordic countries. Todays canals as well as yesterdays and canals planned but never built.
This site can not be a guide for navigation on these canals, not give facts about opening hours or fees, and not even be of any help for planing trips on the canals.
But I'm sure you will enjoy all fascinating stories . . .

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