Lindesnes canal

According to local tradition there was a very early and old canal through the Spangereid isthmus. On a map from 1724 there was "Groben", Norwegian for ditch. In a trial that started at the 16th century and ended in the 18th century, one side claimed that the border between two properties was in the canal. But no one had seen the canal or any boats there.
In 2001 museum curator Frans-Arne Stylegar started an examination of the area, and soon he found traces of and evidence for a 500 meter long canal between Lenefjorden and Njervefjorden. The canal had been 12 meter wide and 2 meter deep. Thanks to this canal the Vikings could avoid the dangerous waters south of Lindesnes.

There is a similar canal Kanhave canal across Samsö in Denmark. It was the Vikings that dug the Kanhave canal which is dated to 726AD.
- Lindesnes canal is a bluprint of the Kanhave canal, says Frans-Arne Stylegar, accoring to the newspaper Dagbladet.

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In 2003 Lindesnes municipality started to examine the possibilities to build a new canal beside the old one. The aim was to build a safe way mainly for small fishing- and pleasureboats. They wanted to start the works in 2004 or maybe 2005, but that had to wait until spring 2006. Hopefully the new canal will be ready for use in summer 2007.

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Sources: The newspaper Dagbladet June 10, 2001. Inge-Jarl Wilhelmsen, e-mail 2003.

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