The Kanhave canal

The canal runs across Samsö at it's most narrow place.

© Photo from 1998 by Bosse Arnholm


Land elevation has made this historic canal impossible to use, but it's still easy to see it and it is a very interesting feature at Samsö.
The canal was dug by the Vikings and samples from the material they used dates the canal to about 726AD. That is the same time as the Dannevirke-wall was built at the border to Germany.
It's known that the harbour at Langör in Staun's Fjord on the east side of Samsö - the only true natural harbour in Denmark - was very important for the Vikings. With Kanhave canal they created a shortcut westwards towards Jutland.

Recently remnants of another canal built by Vikings at the same time as Kanhave canal has been found at Lindesnes in Norway.

And do read about the Viking canal at the Isle of Skye.

Sources: Tourist broschurs from Samsö 1998.

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