Spangereid canal

Now a modern succeessor to the old Viking canal through Spangereid is on it's way. Due to open in summer 2007.

Ever since land elevation made the old viking canal unusable, local people have dreamed of a new canal to help them avoid the nasty waters south of Lindesnes peninsula.
Many proposals have been made during the centuries. It is believed that someone started to dig during the 16th century, but was forced to stop when he struck solid rock. There are some traces in the vicinity that local tradition says are remnants of that attempt.
Several new proposals were made during the 19th century. But nothing happened.
When the museum curator Frans-Arne Stylegar in 2001 started a survey to find the old Viking canal, and found evidence of the canal, that triggered the leading local men.
In autumn 2003 Lindesnes municipality started a project to find out the possibilities to build a new canal alongside the old one. The aim was to create a safe way around Lindesnes, mainly for small crafts. The hope was to start building the new canal in 2004 or 2005 at the latest, but eventually the digging started early in 2006. It seems that the new canal will be opened for traffic during 2007.

The old canal-line was from Lenefjorden to Njervefjorden. But today there is a natural preserve by Njervefjorden so the new canal is built from Lenefjorden to Bålyhavn and will be some hundred meters longer, 930 meters. The depth will be 2,5 meters and the width varies between 12 and 26 meters.
Three new bridges will cross the canal. One for pedestrians and two roadbridges. Boats up to 2,5 meters above sea level will be able to pass under the bridges. It will be possible to open the bridges to let higher boats pass.
The total cost for the canal is supposed to be 40 million NKR.

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Sources: Several artticles in local newspapers. Teknisk Ukeblad. Inge-Jarl Wilhelmsen, via e-mail 2003.

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