Örebro canal

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Connects Örebro to lake Hjälmaren via Svartån.

Waiting at the lock

In the lock chamber

During lockage

Waiting at the lock

In the lock chamber

During lockage

Leaving the lock

The guest habrour

Leaving the lock

The guest habrour

All pictures by Hans Rosell

Total length

Total elevation

Number of locks

Max boatlength

Max boatwidth

Max draught

Max free height

Max speed

Cirka 3 km

2 m


30 m

7 m

1,9 m


3 and 5 knots

Svartån was canalized from Örebro into lake Hjälmaren when the level of the lake was lowered in the 1880ies. It is believed that the canal and lock was inaugurated in 1888.

Since long ago Örebro had a vast shipping-business, but land elevation eventually made this impossible. There was an increase in sea transports when Hjälmare canal was built, but as the canal was poorly built and often closed, shipping was often stopped.
When lake Hjälmaren and the Kvismare lakes were lowered in the 1880ies the fairways in Hjälmaren were much improved and in 1886 to 1888 Svartån from Örebro to Hjälmaren was canalized. This meant a 2,5 kilometer canal between the lake and the town with a depth of 2,3 meter and one lock at Skebäck. This lock is still used, as is the canal.

Sources: Hans Rosell's web-site about Örebro harbour and lock, and further information from Hans Rosell. Yngve Rollof, article in Tidskrift i Sjöväsendet 1961.
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