Vrangsund parts Hy from the mainland in the eastern part of the fairway from the sea to Porsgrunn and the Telemark canal. Vrangsund is a very old sound were sailors used to pull their boats across to save them from a long and sometimes hard detour around Hy.
During the history the sound here has been dredged several times and the fairway been improved.
The first known dredging was made in 1744, even though it can not be confirmed.
Last known dredging started in 1902 and was finished in 1905. At this time the canal was dredged to a depth of at least 1 meter. The width was 3 meters and the canal is 150 meter long. A swingbridge was built across the canal.

Sources: Arve Johannessen, Kysten vr part I, 1999 and Norwegian charts.
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