Veitastrond canal

The village of Veitastrond at the upper end of the Veitastrond lake is one of the most isolated villages in the Sogn og Fjordane county. The Veitastrond lake is about 20 kilometers long and is connected to the Hafslo lake wit the short river Sogelvi. Earlier these lakes and river were the only connection with the outside world, but could be difficult and strenuous to get through the Sogelvi river. In the winter there were often no connections at all and Veitastrond could be isolated from the outside world for many weeks in a row.
In 1842 the villagers in Veitastrond asked that the Sogelvi river be made into a canal so that one could get through with small row boats, but nothing came out of the petition.
Then in 1872 the Canal Foundation set aside 400 daler to build a canal. The Hafslo municipality set aside 200 daler, and the local inhabitants and other interested parties the same amount. The river was cleared of rocks and stones and a pulling path was made along the shores of the river to pull the boats upstream.
Parts of this pulling road can be seen even today.

Not everyone in the vicinity chose to take the cargo down river by boat. A store manager in Hafslo decided to throw barrels of butter into the water and let the stream transport them down to the next lake, where he gathered them together again. This happened as late as the 1890s.

In 1895 a road was built from Hafslo to Helgneset at the lower end of the Veitastrond lake. A small steamboat was used for transportation on the lake. In 1905 this steamboat was replaced by a larger motor boat soon nicknamed Motoren (The Motor). This boat was then in 1935 replaced by an even larger motor boat Veitestrand, built on the shores of the lake.

The road along the lake to the village of Veitastrond was finally opened 1956.

Källor: NRK Fylkesleksikon for Sogn og Fjordande. Information supplied by Jan Børe Jahnsen 2002.
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