Straumen canal

This is a canal between Bjørsvika and Framvaren in Lyngdalsfjorden. The canal is between 1,5 and 2,5 meter deep and there is a swingbridge crossing. 2,4 meter above water. The bridge is opened at previous request at special times every day.

The sound was dredged several times during the second halv of the 19th century.
By the turn from the 19th to the 20th century the sound was canalised to allow steamers to pass. Before that it was so narrow and shallow that even the smallest boats had to be pulled through at low waters.

From Listeid by Framvaren and Sigersvoll by the Freda fjord you can trasport pleasureboats up to 30 fot on trailer. The red dotted line on the map.
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Now there are plans for a tunnel from Framvaren to the Freda fjord. The green line on the map. Nu planeras även för en kanaltunnel från Framvaren till Fredafjorden. Den gröna linjen på kartan.
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Sources: Den Norske Los, Bind 2b, 1999.
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