Storelva or The Big River

For the river Storelva (meaning the “big river”) near the town of Hønefoss northwest of Oslo a new era has started. Since some years back, the Glatved Brygge foundation has worked to make it possible to again go by boat on the river between Hønefoss and lake Tyrifjorden.
The work started in 2004 with a thorough survey of the river. Based on this survey, an information book was published, telling about the river, the navigation and the surroundings.
During 2007 a boat fairway is marked in the river, together with the map book. The Storelva river is 16 kilometers long, but the direct air line is only 8 kilometers. The river falls 4 meters. 60 river markers will help your navigation. Upstream you will have the red markers at the port side (left) and the green markers at the starboard side (right). Downstream it is the opposite.
The speed limit is 5 knots. The lowest height of masts is at the Busund bridge and it varies between 3,5 and 4 meters depending on the water level. The lowest height of masts under the E16 bridge varies between 5,5 and 6 meters. The lowest depth is 1,5 meters. But the river can change fast and without any warning, so this lowest depth can not be guaranteed at all times. It is possible to paddle in canoes a bit further up in the river Randselva.
The Glatved Brygge foundation is planning a quay, the actual Glatved Brygge, at the same place as the legendary old Glatved Hotel up to 1941, when it was destroyed in a fire. The foundation is also looking for a suitable passenger boat on the river.
It should be mentioned that the first Norwegian built steam boat was built in Hønefoss and launched in the river Storelva July 9. 1837. This boat, DS Tyrvi, still exists, but rebuilt and modernised under the name of Trygve on lake Randsfjorden. Even one of the old steam boat engines has been found, it is now at the Drammen Museum.
Tyrvi was made originally for the Drammen Randsfjord railway, but was taken by railway to lake Tyrifjorden in 1868 and had its schedule there for more than 30 years. In 1900 the boat was sold to lake Randsfjorden and was rebuilt and given a new name. Now many want the old boat back to the Storelva river and lake Tyrifjorden, and they want to rebuild it back to the original shape. Even the original construction drawings exists.

Sources: The book "Storelva - Fra nytte til nytelse - Elva fra Hønefossen til Tyrifjorden" 2007, article by Eli Bondlid in Ringerikes Blad, Sommarmagasinet 2007, several web sites, among them Glatved Brygge foundation.
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