Støa canal

Log flume and canal from Ljøra to Trysilelva.

Despite the great need for timber the vast forests in Ljørdalen were not touched until the mid 19th century.
Ljøra River was no good for log floating towards the Norwegian saw mills and to get it Sweden was almost impossible.
Anyway, the Swedish Trysil company with mills at Mölnbacka and Quartorp in Sweden, bought forests in Ljørdalen and in 1851 the company began to buy land to be able to build a log flume with canal to Klarälven in Sweden. The works on the flume started i 1853 and in 1858 65 men had moved 120 000 kubicmeter soil by hand. To lift the timber 13 meter from Ljøra to Klarälven they had also built two log winches each lifting the timber 6,5 meter.
The construction costed 100 000 SEK, which today would be 50 million SEK!

The flume started with 3,1 kilometer canal from Ljøra to Nordre Flersjøen. Nordre Flersjøen is located 13 meter above Ljøra and to get up the timber two log winches powered by water were built.
From Nordre Flersjøen to Blanksjøen the 1,8 kilometer long Nærå canal was built and from Blanksjøen to Søndre Flersjøen a 600 meter long canal.
The canals were about 3,5 meter wide and between 2,5 and 6 meter deep.

In 1901 Trysilbolaget sold their land in the area to Trävaruaktiebolaget Dalarne and that ended the log floating and the flume and canals were left in decline.
In 1924 attempts to restore the flume and canals were made, but failed.
However, in 1991 a restoration started and in 1997 the canal and flume were opened again.

Source: Museumssenteret Trysil-Engerdal via their homepage.
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