The Stad tunnel project

The Stad tunnel seems to become a reality. The sea outside is one of the most dangerous on the Norwegian coast, the winter storms beeing dangerous also for the biggest commercial ships. The tunnel is planned to be 1 800 meter long, 35 meter high, 23 meter wide and 12 meter deep, which is big enough for the biggest of the famous Hurtig-route passenger ships. The tunnel is planned to connect Kjødepollen to the Molde fjord and building of the tunnel is planned to 2013 och 2014.

Jahn Børe Jahnsen


The original plan was a tunnel by the red linje just below the center of the map.
Later a new longer tunnel a bit to the north has been proposed. This new location would give a shorter route.
But the original proposal would give a more calm, and thus safer, aproach to the tunnel.
The Coastal Administration is now investigation the two proposals.


This map and the pictures below are published here with permission from the Norwegian Coastal Administration.


Cut-through of the tunnel with a Hurtig-route sized ship in it.

Aerial view by Kjødepollen as a ship of Hurtig-route size leaves the tunnel.

Source: Stad skipstunnels hemsida and The Norwegian Coastal Administration homepage.
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