Soots kanal

The canal is also called the Grasmo canal.
Soots canal in Eidskog is the first canal that was built in Norway, in 1849.
It was a timber floating canal. The canal was 1,5 kilometer long with 16 locks from the lake Skjervangen 185 meters above the sea up to the lake Mortsjølungen 201 meters above the sea. The timber was floated 2,5 kilometers over this lake. Then it was transported on a narrow gauge and horse powered railway 1,8 kilometers up to lake Tvillingtjern 239 meters above the sea. Then it was floated over this lake and through a 527 meter long canal, then down a 126 meter long ditch into lake Gulltjern, and from this lake down a 3 kilometer long wooden ditch to lake Setten.
The whole distance from Skjervangen to Setten is about 11 kilometer. The canal was ready for use in 1849 and was abandoned in 1931. The 6 upper locks were restored in 1952, but destroyed by a flood in 1977. If the locks are once more restored is unknown.

Jahn Børe Jahnsen

Sources: The brochure På kanaler i Norge, (On canals in Norway) from the mid 180ies , Vidar Parmer: Fløting i sørlige grensetrakter, Halden 1959 and Jan Wiig: Engebret Soots kanalanlegg fra Mangen til Setten, Eidskog kommune 1979. All this information supplied by Jahn Børe Jahnsen 2002.
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