Røyksund canal

In older times it was possible to pass through Røyksund with small boats, but during the 19th century the common fishingboats could not pass. It was less then 5 meters wide and about 1 meter deep. During the 1850ies this was a big problem.
The local people asked for a canal and a plan was presented in 1858. The works performed in 1859. Further works were performed in 1874 and 1883 to 1884.
The canal is now only three meters wide at the most narrow place and boats with a draft of 1,2 meter can pass at normal sealevel.

The canal and the area is beautiful and popular for pleasureboats.

© Pictures by Kent Eikeland

Nils Kolle mentions in his Bygdebok for Bømlo, part VI, the following canal works in Moster, Bømlo and Bremnes:
Dørstokken 1876-77, blasting and clearing up
Drageide 1876-77, clearing up 1897
Bremsund 1882, clearing up in 1850ies
Espevær 1888 and 1997, blasting and clearing up
Gilje 1893-95, canal Giljepollen - Giljevågen
Barastraumen 1913, smaller clearing up

Sources: Halleraker and Staveland: Tusen øyar (Vassvegar i øyriket), NORD 4, 1994. Nils Kolle: Bygdebok for Bømlo, bind VI (Kanal-, hamne- og vegbygging), Bømlo kommune 1989.
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