The Rånå canal

This is a small and fairly unknown canal close to the Arendalcity center. It starts at Harebakken close to E18. It's eastern side is natural rock and the wesern side a quay of stones. The canal is one a few meters wide and it it about 200 meter long.
The natural river between Longumvannet and Langsævannet, Råna, was regulated in the 19th century and after the very dry summer of 1876 it was canalized. It was Ugland, baker and millowner in the area that initialized these works. When the canal was built, prts of the Midt Longum farm and the main road at Ytre Longum slided into the Longumvannet.

© Pictures by
Jan Lillevik 2007

Painting of the bridge from southeast. It was probably made during the late 1940:ies.

The old bridge is gone and replaced by a modern one.

View towards northwest from the bridge.

View towards northwest from the bridge.

Sources: Jan Lillevik and article in Agderposten, Monday July 16th 2001.
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