The Rånå canal

Langangsvatn in Østre Moland straight north of Arendal has the same waterlevel as the sea. At high tide the seawater gets into Langangsvatn. There are two narrow sounds between Langangsvatn and Åbelvikfjorden of the sea. First Øvre Rona to Ronehølen and then Nedre Rona to Åbelvikfjorden. These two sounds were canalized 1867 to 1868. Their modern name is Rånåkanalen.
Two shallows in Åbelvikfjorden, Ulfsryggen and Snekkenesgrunnen, were removed when the canal was built. This to make it easier for a steamer with barges to pass.
Upstreams Langangsvatnet is Loandsvatnet. In the streams between these lakes there were many sawmills in those days. The canal was built to make it easier to transport goods from these sawmills.

Jahn Børe Jahnsen and Oddvar A. Salomonsen

Source: Kanalvæsenets Historie, part VIII.
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