Otteid canal

In 1824 to 1827 a floating route was built between Stora Le and Haldenvassdraget. From Stora Le the timber was transported on carts to a 775 meter long canal leading to lake Skinnarbutjern. It was floated across the lake to a 140 meter long canal, in modern times tugged by small powerboats. From here thruogh a flume to lake Øymarksjøen. There were no locks in this route that was in use until 1956. The route was built by the known Norwegian canal creator Engebret Soot.
From the beginning the timber was pulled by horses from Stora Le to the canal. 1833 two wooden carriageroads were built.
In 1837 an elevator frame was built . It was powered by water, but there was enough water only during spring flood and other times of high water. At other times horses were needed to do the job. So in 1854 a steam-engine was installed.
The aim with this floating route was to simplify the timber floating from Sweden to the saw mill in Halden, and as soon as the route was finished the amount floated timber increased.

Later Engebret Soot also built the Grasmo canal, later called Soot's canal to makeit possible to get the Norwegian timber to Halden without making the detour through Sweden. He alson built the Halden canal simplify the floating to the saw mills in Tistedal and Halden.

There are plans to enlarge this old floating route to make it possible for modern pleasure boats to use it. In that case, Haldenvassdraget ould get a connection to the sea!
The main reasonthough, is to widen the cooperation between Halden canal and Dalslands canal. Several sureys show that this would be of interest pleasure boat people.
The cost for this enlargement is estimated to be 13 million SEK and the canal companies expects to get 6 million SEK from the EU. The remaining sum will be divided equal between Norway and Sweden. As of today only about 1 million SEK is missing fom one of the Swedish owners of Dalslan canal. From the beginning the plans were that the project should have been finished in 2006.

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