Kulleseid canal at Bømlo

In 1852 a canal through Kulleseidet and Sakseidstrommen was proposed for the first time. A canal here would be of great help during the hering fisheries in springtime, which was the most important fisheries in the area at that time.
The government granted money for the canal that would allow boats up to 17 feet wide and 8,5 feet deep. The canal was ready for use by the turn between 1855 and 1856. The fee for passing was 3 shillings during January to March and two shillings the rest of the year.

Thanks to all traffic thorugh the canal Kulleseid became a center in the area with a telegraph, post office, shop, steamer station, province office, police and doctor.

In Bygdebok for Bømlo, part VI, Nils Kolle writes about canalworks at the following places in this area:
Dørstokken 1876-77, blasting and clearing up
Drageide 1876-77, widening 1897
Bremsund 1882, clearing up during the 1850:ies
Espevær 1888 and 1897, blasting and clearing up
Gilje 1893-95, canal Giljepollen - Giljevågen
Barastraumen 1913, smaller clearing up

Sources: Halleraker og Staveland: Tusen øyar (Vassvegar i øyriket), NORD 4, 1994. Nils Kolle: Bygdebok for Bømlo, bind VI (Kanal-, hamne- og vegbygging), Bømlo kommune 1989. And Norwegian charts from 2001.
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