The Kassen canal

The Kassen canal gives a safe way for small crafts from Kjerkekilen to Blindleia.
According to hearsay Kassetassen rules the area and he is one of the most dangerous ghosts known to mankind.
By the bridge there is a scupture of Kassetassen.

When you have passed the whole canal towards Kjerkekilen you see Høvågs church on your right. This is a stone church from the 12th century that has been enlarged several times.
According to local hearsay the locals first built their churh at Hekkleiv between Ribe and Knavik. The church was finished and the bell to, when suddenly the bell dissapeared. It was found at the place where the church is today.
In those times people were so superstitious that they obeyed a sign like that and rather moved the church then the bell.

Sources: Gro Kjelsruds webbsida om Blindleia, 2004. Norwegian charts.
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