Drageid canal

This canal connects lake Henangervatn with lake Skogseidvatn on the peninsula between Samnangerfjorden and Hardangerfjorden. Henangervatn is 12 meters above the sea and Skogseidvatn 13 meters above the sea, nevertheless there is no lock in the canal between the lakes. The canal is about 100 meter long and the sides have beautiful stone walls.
Boats were not able to pass through the natural and narrow river between the lakes. The name Drageid means a small isthmus where boats had to be pulled over. The canal was built in 1887 to make it easier for the people living around Skogseidvatn to reach the main village Sevareid by the fjord.
The canal was frequently used until 1936 when a road was built along the lakes.

© Picture from 1973 by Jahn BÝre Jahnsen

Source: Jahn BÝre Jahnsen, Fagernes, Norge
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