Timonen canal
Timosen ruukin kanava

Timonen mill was founded in 1842 in Pudasjärvi in Uleåborg county. Iron from the works was transported to Uleåborg either on the new road and along Iijoki ríver. The works was obliged to maintain a route through Hirvakoski fors. During the 1830:ies and 1840:ies a small canal was built south of the works.
The purpose of the canal was to take care of surplus water from the river and for boats. That's why the canal had locks. During the early 20th century you could still see remnants of the locks.
It seems that the canal hade sides of wood, but most of the locks are now completely rotten.
The liftlevel is 4,2 meter, so there should have been two locks.

Tarmo Hurskainen © 2005

Source: Erkki Härö, Finland's National Museum Department. Inventory of metal-mills in Finland (Not published yet)
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