Paakkola canal
Paakkolan kanava

Paakkola canal was built by the Vuoksi river in an area that now belongs to Russia. It was built from 1892 to 1895.
The canal was built by the southern branch of the Vuoksi river, though it was decided that i should be built by the northern branch. But along the northern branch a railway had been built to Kexholm town, so there was no need for a canal. The aim of the canal was to create a waterway from Kiviniemi and Kasniemi to Jääske. The depth of the canal was 2,07 meters.
The works on the canal started in January 1892, but when the digging started in the spring they found the soil so loose that water ran through all the time.
The plans were to build a lock all in timber, but the soil was not good enough for that, so the bottom was founded in concrete. It was built in 1894 to 1895. It was 35,4 meters long, 7,66 meters wide and 2,7 meters deep.
The canal was very popular from the start and in 1902 2 300 ships passed the lock and in 1909 3 700 ships.
In 1932 a railway between Liimatta and Valkjärvi was opened which rapidly reduced the traffic on the canal. In 1926 more then 2 000 ships passed the loch but in 1932 only 850. During the best years there were several passengerships and tugs using the canal.
After the last war the canalarea came in Russion hands.

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The lock of Paakkola canal.
The picture shot by V. Nissilä was published in the book Karjala muistojen maa edited by O. Paavolainen. Published by: Karjalan Liiton muistojulkaisu. Helsingfors: WSOY; 1940.


Source: Myllykylä T. Suomen kanavien historia. Helsinki: Otava; 1991.
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