Painua or Siikajoki rafting-canal
Painuan tai Siikajoen uittokanava

Painua rafting-canal is just a little more then 10 kilometer. It was built as a rafting route from Lake Ule Träsk, via Siikajoki river to the Bay of Bothnia.
The canal made it possible to raft timber from the Kainuu county to factories along the Bay of Bothnina south of Uleåborg.
It was built from 1902 to 1907. It was mainly dug in soil but at places wooden flumes were built. The total difference in level was 21 meters.
The threshold at lake Ule Träsk is of stone so the flowing water is not able to widen and increase the flow of water. The flow of water is regulated by iron gates.
When finished the canal proved not so good for rafting, so it did not get the importance expected.

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Sources: Tarmo Hurskainen's own investigations, 2006
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