Leppogubbe canal
Läppogubbenin kanava

This canal by the Lappo river mouth was probably built 1850 to 1855. The big land elevation between Läppogubben and Djupsten made it impossible to use the old fairway from Nykarleby to it's deep harbour. The route became many kilometers longer through the mouth of Lappo river.
The locals wanted a shortcut and dug this canal between Lappo river and Alörsfjärden. The canal was built only for small boats as it was narrow and shallow.
As land elevation continued, the canal became impossible to use. But it is known that it was used at high waters in the beginning of the 20th century. During winters the canal was used as an ice road.
The famous Finish poet Zacharias Topelius often used the canal when sailing to his summerhouse at Stora Alören near Djupsten.
You can still vagely see the canal as a small and shallow ditch.
Lappo river is called Nykarleby river by the local people.

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Sources: Fredrik Liljeström's webpage "Nykarlebyvyer", 2006.
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