Canals in the Larsmoarea
Kanavia Luodon seudulla

Lake Larsmo and Lake Öja used to be bays of the sea, but during the 1960:ies they were parted from the see by dams and made to sweet-water reservoirs. They are situated south of Karleby and the total area is 85 km2. Lake Larsmo was made in 1962 and Lake Öja in 1968.
There are many fairways for small boats here and the common depth in these are 1 meter.
The dams have locks at four places.
In Larsmo municipality there are locks at Hästgrundet and Gertrud.
The lock at Hästgrundet is 19,5 meter long, 4,5 meter wide and a free height of 3,3 meter.
The lock at Gertrud is 9 meter long and 3 meter wide. Free height is 2,3 meter. The gates are of guilloutine-type.

Between the sea and Lake Öja there are two locks, Palma and Kräkilä (Reipsö).
The Palma lock is 10 meters long, 3,5 meter wide and have a free height of 2,2 meter.
The Kräkilä lock is 12 meter long, 4,7 meter wide and has a free height of 3,05 meter.
The elevation is 0,2 meter in both locks.
As you notice we have very little information about these locks and hope one of our visitors may help both with information and pictures.

Skataströmmen and the Boholm canal. In 1968 to 1969 a 400 meter long canal was built between Hästö Bay in Lake Larsmo and the Jouxfjärden. A 2,5 kilometers long canal between Jouxfjärden and Bredviken at Lake Öja was also built. The short canal is called Skataströmmen and the long one Boholm canal. Both canals are 8 meter wide and 1 meter deep.
Jouxsundet is a small canal between Kronoby creek and Jouxfjärden. A natural fairway since ages it has been dredged in modern times. Today only small crafts like canoes och rowboats can use it. It is approximately 900 meters long.

The Bockholm canal between Lake Larsmo and Sandsundsfjärden. Sandsundsfjärden is shallow so few boats find their way there. The canal is 400 meters long.

Fairly many boats pass the 400 meters long Tomsund canal between Lake Larsmo and Östanfjärden. This is not what you would call a beautiful canal, but a tour aorund Lysarholmen through Östanfjärden and through the natural narrow canal is a nice experience.

The canal at Jovarpet on the west part of the area is a popular area. It is a narrow sound that has been dredged for small crafts. The canal is about 500 meters long and the depth is 1 meter.
The canals at Marakubban and Pickasgrundet are narrow dredged sounds. They are 200 and 300 meters long. The depth is 1 meter in both.

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