Canal of Beauty

Through the centre of Brahestad by Bay of Bothnia this this 1,4 km canal runs. The canal connects the bay of Pikkulakti with the bay of Kylmäniemenlahti. It is used by pleasureboats.

History in short:
The use of this canal was discussed more then one hundred years in Brahestad, before descission in the early 1980:ies. The canal was ready for use in 1983 and it was built 1,3 meter deep.
But the canal was rapidly and harshly built and was certainly no beauty, so the local people gave it the name Kauneuskanava, which means The canal of Beauty.
In 1991 the canal was rebuilt, the banks freshed up, it was deepened and bridges were built.

Tarmo Hurskainen © 2006

Sources: Brahestad's tecknical department.
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