Äijälänsalmi canal
Äijälänsalmi kanava

The narrow passage Äijälänsalmi in Jyväskylä town in Central Finland connects the lakes Päjäne and Jyväsjärvi. The harbour of Jyväskylä is by lake Jyväsjärvi. These passages in Äijälänjoki creek were cleared up several times during the period between 1839 and 1859 and the level of lake Jyväsjärvi was lowered about one meter to the same level as lake Päjäne.
At the same time steamer-traffic in Päjäne increased and this canal made it possible for the steamers to reach Jyväskylä.
The depth in the canal has decreased and, the stream is has less power and this has an impact on the condition of lake Jyväsjärvi. The provincial authorities now want to dregde the canal.
Äijälänsalmi is about 700 meter long and 35 meter wide. The free height is 10 meter and draught 1,8 meter.

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