Vestjyllands canal

Proposed canal between Limfjorden, Nissum Fjord, Stadil Fjord and Ringkřbing Fjord.

Short history:
This canal is the idea of the boatowner Peter jensen in Skjern by Ringköbing Fjord. The aim of the canal is to tie together the four fjords with a secure and safe canal for pleasureboats sheltered from the roaring North Sea. With a canal like this all pleasureboats from almost all of the western Jutland would be able to sail north or south and east undependent of weather and wind.
The proposal was well recieved by many authorities. It was proposed to lead through the communities of Lemvig, Holstebro and Ringkřbing-Skjern. By the turn of year between 2011 and 2012, when it came to a desicion about a preliminary investigation at a cost of 150 000 DKR, the proposal came to a halt. The cost was to be shared equally between the three communities, but Lemvig community refused to pay it's share.


Source: The Magazine for Vest-Jylland mediated by Jahn Břre Jahnsen, 2012.
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