Søborg canal was built 1872 to 1896 to dewater the Søborg lake to gain new land for culturing.
Søborg is located just south of Gilleleje on northern Själland and the canal flows out into Kattegatt in Gilleleje harbour. Søborg lake was a rest of an old fjord. The landrising made this fjord end up as a lake.
At a little island in the lake Søborg castle was built as the best stronghold in Denmark. The walls and the tower were built in the 12th century and the palace within the walls at the end of the 13th century.
It was habited until 1534 or 1535 when there was a big feud among the danish nobility and it is supposed that Søborg castle was demonlished during this feud.

The harbour seen from the last canalbridge.

The bridge where the canal falls in the harbour.

View upstreams the canal from the harbourbridge.

The canal upstreams in Gilleleje centre.

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View further uppstreams the canal.

The canal uppstreams from "Snekeriet".

The canal downstreams from the same place as the picture at left.

The central bridge seen from uppstreams.

The canal downstreams from the central bridge.

The last turn before reaching the harbour.

"Kanalkiosken" close to the canals end.

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