Arresø canal

Arresø, Arre lake in English, was a fjord of Kattegatt long ago,, but between 2000 and 3000 years ago the landrizing made the original connection to the sea was much more shallow and the fjord became a lake with sweet water. It is now the biggest lake in Denmark, 3 987 hectare. The deepest hole is 5,6 meters deep.
In the early 18th century there were several severe floodings as the outlet had becom too shallow. Several hundred soldiers were called upon to dig a canal. Starting in 1717 they digged a canal and a lock in Arresødal and all works were done in 1719. The waterpower by the lock was used in a foundary and a gunpowder factory. The gunpowder factory was in use until 1965, when it was made a museum.
In 1899 an investigation started to find out if it was possible to dewater the lake to gain new land for agriculture. But because that the gunpowder factory needed the waterpower and the extensive fishing in the lake that project was rejected.
Today the lake is a bird protection area.

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